Transforming ideas into a reality

How can we help you?


Do you have an idea but it isn’t completely defined yet?

We will help you polish it and giving it the final touches to be the best it can be.


It will be your idea taking shape and becoming real with our 3D printers, CNC (metal prototyping) or laser machine.

We can also help you with electronics and software development

First series

Producing a small amount of your product or idea and distributing them can provide you valuable feedback for improvements for further iterations of the idea.


We can help you setting up long term production, distribution channels and getting into contact with your potential clients

Since 2018 we have...

done more than​


helped more than


made more than

Prototypes and parts

Innovating as a way of living

We not only offer our services to our clients such as inventors, creators or companies, we have our projects.

Burnometer is the first intelligent pan thermometer and it is fully develop by us in our facilities: electronics, prototype, software development and social media management and content creation.

This project showcases our potential and passion for creating great products. 

Our values


We are there for you and we will express our honest excitement or concerns. 


We will never share any information about the project without specific consent from the client. Our lips are seal.


We might be a small team, but that allow us to communicate fast between us and with our clients. 

Broad knowledge

From marketing to electronics. You need to know a bit of everything for developing a great product and think outside the box.

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    Here are some examples

    The team

    Pieter Rosseel

    Product designer

    Designer and creator of our printers.

    Broad experience with all the necessary techniques to bring a product to market.

    Critical and long term thinking.

    3D printing, CNC, crafting... 90%
    Smart prototype
    Electronics and software 75%
    Business plan
    Production cost, ROI... 80%

    Niobe Alonso

    Product designer

    Creative and artistic work. 

    The humanistic side of product design: User experience, marketing, client contacting…

    Project overview and communication.

    3D animation and video editing 90%
    Web design, graphic design, ads campaign 80%
    Organisation skills​
    Logistics, time management, planning 85%

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